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Small Business/Corporate

When your client comes to you to set up or make changes to their small business or corporation, nothing is more important to them than time. As the old saying goes, time is money. Simply Lawgical provides fast and accurate services in forming or changing a small business and corporation while staying on top of governmental and regulatory changes and requirements.

Commercial Transactions

When you are handed a Closing Agenda with an extensive list of documents to prepare and gather, commercial transactions may seem overwhelming to you given the bottomless things already on your plate and list of phone calls to return. Simply Lawgical can make that anxiety disappear in quickly and precisely preparing any commercial transaction ensuring your client acquires or sells the assets to their business in no time.


It is never easy to see a client hand over their most personal problems to be fixed by you. Simply Lawgical will always be sure to handle these cases with the upmost tact and compassion while gathering key information to facilitate any family issue, whether during the dissolution or post dissolution matter.


With the ever changing rules of procedure to landlord/tenant matters in Connecticut these days, Simply Lawgical can be sure to be up to date with these changes to ensure to assist in any landlord/tenant matter. From evictions to collecting for damages and unpaid rent, we can assist in preparing and filing the correct paperwork for any case staying on top of the most important dates.

Real Estate Transactions (Residential/Commercial)

One of your client’s happiest moments in life is buying a home. Simply Lawgical thrives in maintaining that emotion in you and your clients throughout the process. Great communication and preparation of the necessary documents in any residential or commercial transaction is key to any successful closing. Allow us to coordinate with all parties and prepare the closing documents and disbursement statements necessary to ensure you can focus on negotiating and protecting your client’s interest.


Although people get sued everyday, when it happens to your clients it becomes your mission to defend and protect their interests. Missing deadlines and important court dates can be detrimental to any case. Simply Lawgical can assist in the preparation of motions and pleadings as well as being sure to efile them in a timely manner all while efficiently communicating with all parties involved on any federal or state matter.


When your client has lost a loved one, doing whatever we can to relieve any unnecessary frustration and anxiety is our biggest goal during the entire probate process. Whether it will require federal and state succession tax returns or it is a quick estate, Simply Lawgical can carefully handle it every step of the way. Balancing even the most complex accountings is what fuels us.

Estate Planning

Once you’ve obtained your client’s instructions for their estate planning documents, Simply Lawgical can tailor make any and all documents necessary to reflect their needs and circumstances for each and every client.

* Fees, exclusions and additional services may be discussed for each matter and service provided.

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  • Her professionalism, knowledge and concern for the client are tremendous assets.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Annette Nieves acting as the paralegal on the other side of many transactions. Her years of experience and pleasant demeanor always makes for a smooth transaction, even if there are issues between the parties. While Annette has never worked for me, I have worked with her for more than fifteen years. Her professionalism, knowledge and concern for the client are tremendous assets. I believe anyone utilizing her paralegal services will be extremely satisfied with the product she is able to deliver.

    - Douglas Firtel / Closing Management - Parrotta & Firtel

  • I could not recommend her more highly...

    I have known Annette for many years both in a professional and personal capacity. Professionally, she has proven herself to be competent, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable. Personally, she is smart, hard working, and a go getter. Her interaction with clients is always professional, yet warm. I could not recommend her more highly to help you with your legal services.

    - Joette L. Trinh, Esq. / Trinh Law

  • A well-seasoned paralegal with a proven track record...

    Annette is a well-seasoned paralegal with a proven track record of excellent service. She is conscientious, professional and extremely knowledgeable in real estate transactions. I highly recommend Annette for all of your real estate paralegal needs - she will not disappoint!

    - Georgette Sappington / Meyers Sappington Law